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→I know it's a bit late but...
· Happy Artificial Day! Romance is Dead :dead:
The Pit02-17-2008 · 07:32 AM
→This one is for the Metallica fans!
· What do ya do with a drunken…
Lyrics Review01-23-2008 · 03:50 PM
→A song I just started to write
· And I'm stuck... But I thought I have…
Lyrics Review01-18-2008 · 07:39 PM
→Old Man (Take It All)
· Yeah so my friend Rob wrote this and we…
Lyrics Review01-18-2008 · 07:37 PM
→Stairway To The Pretender
· There was this competition on youtube for…
The Pit01-04-2008 · 12:34 PM
→Is this legal?
· Right so I got a girlfriend 3 days before…
The Pit01-03-2008 · 11:59 AM
→I have a Vintage copy of a Les Paul
· It's OK I just need a new one A better…
Gear Talk12-20-2007 · 03:34 PM
→So this is for random stuff?
· Good! You'll be finding me here the most…
The Pit12-20-2007 · 03:30 PM

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